BMW Motorcycle Handlebars and Accessories

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When you want to customize your bike to fit your personal needs, modifying the riding position for comfort is a great place to start. Discomfort in the hands, wrists, shoulders, and neck are directly the result of a handlebar arrangement mismatched to your unique body. At Bob’s BMW, we strive to deliver a remarkable assortment of motorcycle parts and accessories designed to improve ergonomics, modifying the machine to fit the rider. Achieve more comfort and better control when you select from our impressive BMW motorcycle handlebar accessories made by the top brands that riders trust, including Verholen, Rizoma, HeliBars, and many others. Invest in comfort. Invest in quality. Shop with confidence and get back on the road on your terms.
We proudly offer a wide variety of accessories for BMW motorcycle handlebars. Find bar backs that change position, racing levers that improve control, or bar-end weights that reduce vibration, so you can fully customize the ergonomics of your bike. If you prefer a more upright posture while riding, consider choosing Bob’s signature Bar-Bax or similar handlebar set-backs and adapters made by other trusted suppliers. These practical add-ons alleviate some of the pressure on your wrists, shoulders or back. They are made for nearly every BMW model, machined from solid billet aluminum and easy to install. Looking for a simple cruise control to relieve the strain on your throttle hand? Try Bob’s famous Wrist Rest. For classic Airheads, we also carry throttle stop screws. Looking for additional comfort and value? Neoprene grip covers are a classic solution for cushioning the strain on your hands and wrists after miles of riding. These hand grip wrappers fit every BMW model, are easy to install, can be used in all weather conditions, and may extend the life of your stock grips. Protect and optimize your BMW motorcycle handlebars with anodized bar-end sliders.

For all your BMW motorcycle handlebar accessories and replacement needs, we provide reliable solutions for you to make your steering and control as comfortable and precise as possible. Stock handlebars are often designed to suit the “average” rider, but you’re not just average, are you? Customize your riding experience to suit you. Prepare your handlebars and controls for the long, exciting trips ahead by exploring the many ways you can improve your bike today!
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