Motorcycle Farkle and Gadgets

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No matter your experience with your bike, many riders love to add a gadget or two to them and for themselves to tailor their riding experience to their liking. Farkle's amalgamation of "function"" and "sparkle" blends the best of both worlds: eye-catching design with exceptional form and function.

Motorcycle gadgets appeal to anyone looking for something different to make them or their ride stand out while adding beneficial purposes. For example, certain types of electronic devices mounted to a bike could be considered farkle, and items such as engine protection bars, windscreens, and wheel kits are both designed for extra safety and to look fantastic on your bike.

When it comes to choosing motorcycle gadgets, we are all individuals. Bikes and people, like clothing and everything else—don't have a one-size-fits-all. You're you, and no one else is like that. With a motorcycle farkle or two (or three, four, or five,) riders can embrace their individualistic, expressive, and creative sides all at once, further customizing our beloved bikes to our dream specifications.

Are you a tech head? We have many of today's most innovative motorcycle gadgets you won't want to miss! Bluetooth smart glasses, button remotes, intercoms, headsets, communications systems, GPS, and wireless charging stands, to name a few! If you're seeking customization, you'll find everything you need, from engine protection to cylinder head cover trim, fuel caps, housing covers, handlebars, wheel kits, and exhaust silencers.

We curate our motorcycle gadgets to ensure they are nothing less than what we would want on our bikes: the best. But if you're struggling to find something, don't forget our handy category search to the left. You can break down our extensive stock by customization/modifications, electronics, device mounts and cases, and other categories to help narrow down what you are looking for.

Can't find what you're looking for? Our highly trained, certified, expert customer service team would love to answer any questions or assist you in finding the motorcycle farkle you've always dreamed of owning. At Bob's Motorcycles, for more than four decades, we've been the nation's number one source of all things BMW motorcycles and motorbikes, serving our community with the same dedication and passion that makes us stand out. Contact us with your questions; we'd love to help you!

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