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A lot of riders have a gadget or two on their bikes. Then there are riders who have so many they’ve run out of room to mount them. What is it about motorcycle gadgets that we find so compelling? Perhaps it’s that we like the idea that for every need there is a function, and for every function there is a device, and for every device there is a newer version that’s WAY better than last year’s; therefore, “I GOTTA HAVE IT!” Well, your gadget habit is your own business. We won’t judge. Shop these pages for motorcycle gadgets for every style and budget. From sophisticated electronics to frivolous gizmos, you can feed your need at Bob’s — guilt free!

The word Farkle is an amalgamation of "function" and "sparkle." For an accessory to be called farkle, it must not only have an actual purpose, it must be eye-catching too. Certain electronic devices, when mounted in the open, could be considered farkle, though we’d argue most rank higher on the function scale. If you want true motorcycle farkle, visit the CUSTOMIZE pages for accessories that are as decorative as they are practical. Some are almost works of art! (See Rizoma!) Yet they also do a job; protecting your brake fluid reservoir from unexpected meteorites, for example. Why not let your Ultimate Motorcycling Experience include some creative self-expression? Browse our inventory of popular brands such as R&G, ZTechnik, Pazzo, AltRider among others, to find all the ways to make your bike look like no one else’s.

When it comes to decoration, one thing BMW riders all agree on is that the BMW logo roundel is never out of place — anywhere! Look around our ROUNDEL ROUNDUP section to find all the different sizes and applications of BMW emblems you can use to make your world spin in blue and white.

With more than 35 years in the business, Bob's BMW is uniquely equipped to provide professional guidance in the installation and use of the genuine original BMW motorcycle parts and high-performance aftermarket accessories we sell. If you have any questions about our motorcycle farkle, gadgets or gizmos, or how to make them work for you, please contact a member of our team for expert assistance.

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