Ergonomic Products for BMW Motorcycles

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In your quest for a richer motorcycling experience, you have undoubtedly come to the realization that “one-size-fits-all” does not apply to motorcycle design. Nearly every rider needs to make some modifications to their bike’s stock configuration to accommodate their unique size, shape, posture, or riding style. Ergonomics is the science of matching the machine to the man (or woman) to achieve each individual’s optimum control and comfort. Our wide selection of ergonomic products for BMW motorcycles is evidence of our commitment to helping you find physical harmony with your motorcycle. Browse our four subcategories to find the products you need to personalize your machine: WINDSHIELDS to tailor the airflow affecting your head and upper body; FOOTPEG to adjust the position of your legs and feet; HANDLEBAR for issues with hands, wrists, and arms; and finally SEATING for, well, you guessed it. Explore our inventory of BMW motorcycle ergonomic products today!

Every part of your body is involved in controlling your motorcycle. Outfitting your bike with ergonomics in mind will not only help you be a better rider, it will improve your comfort as well. Browse our selection of BMW motorcycle ergonomic products to find ways to banish hand fatigue with throttle control devices such as our Wrist Rests, or to fine tune your arm position with handlebar risers or bar-backs. Invest in a premium windshield by ZTechnik to discover how a taller or wider screen might do wonders to keep you more alert and comfortable on a long day’s ride. Your feet are constantly busy with braking, shifting, balance, and control. Show them some love with one of the many products we offer to relocate feet and legs lower, forward, or rearward as necessary to suit your own personal size and riding style.

What’s the perfect height and cushion for your hindquarters? Find the answer with our collection of seats, cushion systems, and backrests for drivers or passengers. Our selection of ergonomic products for BMW motorcycles has solutions for every individual‘s body and riding posture. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Bob’s BMW team today. As one of the largest BMW dealerships in North America, we are committed to your satisfaction.

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