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Many riders wishing to upgrade the ergonomics of their motorcycle, specifically comfort, know that the best place to start is at the bottom. Okay, it’s hard not to crack jokes when discussing this sensitive subject, but if you’ve ever spent a long day in the saddle only to find that your painful posterior is all that’s on your mind, you know that this is no time for cheeky humor. Seriously… give your bike — and your butt — the attention they deserve by browsing our selection of motorcycle seating and accessories.

Comfort is crucial. If your bike is relatively new and the seat just doesn’t fit you, consider replacing it with one of the alternatives BMW offers: taller, shorter, plusher, or sportier. Some are shown here, but you’ll find most BMW motorcycle seats in the Microfiche section for your model. If your bike has a lot of miles, perhaps the seat has simply worn out. Again, look in Microfiche for a stock replacement. If your bike is an Airhead from the 1970s and 80s, or an earlier vintage, browse our wide selection of replica seats here to find a replacement that not only matches the original look exactly but will also provide improved comfort.

BMW motorcycle seating can be upgraded in numerous ways. Back support may be what you need. If so, find your answer with one of our excellent Bakup brand backrests, with rider and passenger versions to fit most current touring models. Or sometimes all it takes is a little extra cushion of air between you and your seat to achieve happiness. Our inventory of Airhawk seat cushions proves that the best solutions can sometimes be both simple and affordable.

Not all motorcycle seating improvement options are shown here. That’s because the best seat for you might be one that’s custom made to your exact proportions and ride requirements. Our helpful staff is eager to get you matched to the seat of your dreams – made by Sargent or Russell Day Long or one of our many other trusted partners. Call! When it comes to helping riders have The Ultimate Motorcycling Experience, Bob’s takes a back seat to no one!

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