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Many riders spend time, energy, and patience building up their riding gear collection. ATGATT, or All The Gear, All The Time, is the rider's motto. No one likes the thought of getting into an accident unprepared—so why would we want our bikes unprotected during one? 

Bike protection is as valuable to a rider as their gear. You spent your well-earned money investing in the ride you’ve always dreamed of, and motorcycle protection will assist in safeguarding your bike. In this collection, we’ve pooled our expertise to present an inventory of today’s top-of-the-line items in motorcycle protection. 

Regardless of their expertise, we covered everything we thought a rider would need and what we they would look for to protect their bikes. On this page, browse handguard kits, exhaust heat shields, engine protection, crash bars, headlight protection, and more. Do you love going off-road, or are you considering it? Don’t go without the best skid plates, tank protection, and guard plates to keep every part of your bike safe. 

Whether you’re seeking something to protect your ride when it’s in motion, parked, or stored, you’ll find bike protection ranging from one-size-fits-all products to custom-tailored gear for specific models. Some of the top brands available in our collection include AltRider, Ilium Works, Wunerlich, Touratech, R&G, Rizoma, and others, which we ensure are nothing less than the best. 

Can’t find what you want or feel overwhelmed by our generous inventory? Try our convenient filter system to the left and Search by departments, features, models, or categories to narrow your findings. At Bob’s, your one-stop destination for BMW, Ducati, and motorcycle gear, we’re here to help you with anything. If you can’t find what you need here or are unsure what’s best for your ride, our passionate experts, riders themselves, would love to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime; we love discussing what we do and know. 

Your bike is a big part of your life and is much more than just a ride. It’s not just your way of unwinding at the end of the day. No matter why you ride, protect what you love when you shop with us!  Bob's Motorcycles.

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