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Your bike is your life. You love it. Of course you want to protect it — but how? So much on a motorcycle is exposed, vulnerable, not just riding on loose gravel at night during a hail storm, it’s at risk simply parked in your driveway on a sunny day!  The reality is that calamity could be waiting around the next corner: a crash at high speed, or just tipping over at a dead stop, rocks and debris flying, bodywork sliding, deterioration in the glaring sun, or disappearance in a daring heist. Luckily, we’ve got your bike protection right here; a wide selection of relatively inexpensive products brilliantly designed to prevent or minimize the much more expensive consequences of inevitable mishaps, misdeeds, or just plain bad luck. Motorcycle protection gear is what we like to call Cheap Insurance.  Buy it. Because, sooner or later, bad things happen to good bikes.

Our motorcycle protection collection includes things for when you’re in motion and when you’re not. When standing still, parked or stored, inside or out, you might want a weatherproof cover, available in generic sizes or tailored to fit specific models. Look in the “No More Tip-Overs” category for a Sidestand Foot to keep your bike from toppling over when parked on soft ground or melting asphalt. Want to help stop crime? Put a lock on it! We have all types to give you security and peace of mind.

Riders want engine protection bars because they prevent damage not only in tip-overs but in minor collisions too. Our bike protection accessories for off-road and adventure riders include skid plates, tank protection, and special guard plates for every vulnerable component on the bike. Sport riders love our hard plastic sliders for fairing, bar-ends, forks, and all the other bolt-on protection for vital engine parts likely to be damaged in a slide down the asphalt. Our top brands in bike protection include AltRider, Ilium Works, R&G, Rizoma, and others. The best.

Enjoy exploring our assortment of motorcycle protection gear and accessories. As the destination of choice for BMW enthusiasts everywhere, Bob’s BMW can help you every step of the way toward finding the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us today with your questions.

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