K - Series

A good motorcycle deserves good care. Owners of BMW K-Series motorcycles are well known for lavishing great care on their beloved machines. But even the most diligent owner needs backup — a reliable resource for parts, information, and support. That’s where Bob’s comes in. Our selection of BMW K-Series bike parts includes everything you need, whether for routine maintenance or major repairs; even the stuff to keep it clean and shiny. Or maybe you’re looking for performance upgrades, cosmetic enhancements, touring accessories, an intercom system, or just a better jacket to wear on your next ride? Our site has it all — and more.

Nearly 30 individual K-bike models have been produced so far. How do you find parts to fit YOURS? It’s easy. Find your model on this page; click it and the world of BMW K-Series bike parts opens— filtered just for your model! Check out the Microfiche to browse actual factory parts diagrams, or explore the Marketplace categories for everything else, including some shortcuts to the parts K-bike riders use most. We’re proud to be your one-stop shop for quality parts backed by the best customer service in the biz. Contact us directly with any inquiries about our products or services.

The world was introduced to BMW K-Series motorcycles in 1983. The first liquid-cooled, multi-cylinder motorcycle engine to come out of Bavaria earned the affectionate nickname “Flying Brick” because of how the big motor was situated sideways in the frame. Enthusiasts at the time were awed by its engineering and performance. Though K bikes have undergone a lot of evolution since then, riders still feel the same enthusiasm toward these distinctive, powerful machines. Bob’s has been delivering parts, along with unequaled customer service and professional guidance, since the first K model rolled off the assembly line! Because we’re in the business of creating lasting relationships with our fellow riders, we’ve continued to offer a remarkable selection of BMW K-Series bike parts and accessories, both OEM and leading aftermarket brands to owners of classics from the 80s as well as the latest K Series models. Here you’ll find any gadget or goody desired to keep a K-bike running, riding, and looking its best.