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Planning a trip across the continent? You’ll need some serious luggage, of course. But even if you’re only riding across town, you’ll probably want to bring more than you can carry in your pockets. Here in the pages of our Motorcycle Luggage section, there’s a simple solution to every rider’s packing challenge: minimalist methods for sport bikers who like to travel light and sleek; rugged, high-capacity systems for off-road adventures of any distance; aerodynamic, easy on-and-off luggage that blends with the beautiful lines of your touring bike; practical ways for daily commuters to carry just what they need; and more. Our BMW motorcycle luggage collection features stylish, durable, weatherproof, adaptable products; all built to stand up to the real world conditions motorcyclists face every day. When your Ultimate Motorcycling Experience depends partly on how much of your stuff you can take along for the ride, Bob’s has got the gear that’ll make it happen.

BMW motorcycle luggage is ingeniously designed in ways to fit perfectly on specific models. It is, hands down, the best choice when it comes to hard saddlebags and top cases. There are bags to fit every model, even back to the 1970s. For the ideal complement to your hard motorcycle luggage, see our collection of Kathy’s Journey Designs for bag liners tailored to fit inside every type of BMW side cases and top cases. Experienced moto-travelers have trusted the tremendous quality and value offered by Kathy’s products for over thirty years!

Riders with lighter requirements will enjoy shopping our impressive variety of soft motorcycle luggage including tank bags, tail bags for seat or rack, luggage rolls, duffels, and backpacks (rucksacks). These products by BMW, Wunderlich, FirstGear, Ogio, and other top brands have a multitude of functions, features, and carrying capacities, with versatile attachment methods to fit any situation. Additionally, we have mounting systems, accessories, straps, bungees, and everything else imaginable to secure your load and make sure that no space is wasted.

There’s much you can learn about BMW motorcycle luggage to assure the success of your journey. But Bob’s BMW customers know they can get knowledgeable answers from our friendly staff anytime. Let’s talk about your cargo and how far you want to take it. Contact us today!

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