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Many riders think of their suspension only in terms of how it affects the comfort of the ride. Comfort is important, but what every rider SHOULD realize is just how crucial motorcycle suspension is to safety! The suspension, and secondly the tires, have the greatest influence on the handling of the bike. If a bike does not handle properly, it can’t be controlled properly. And a bike that is not completely under the control of its rider is a dangerous machine! Suspension components usually wear out at a gradual pace so that, over time, you may not notice their slow decline in performance. Then, when new shocks or front springs are installed, you’ll shout, “Wow! It feels like a brand new machine!” The point we’re making is simple: don’t gamble with the safe handling of your motorcycle. Get your suspension properly inspected and serviced. And if it’s time for new shocks or springs, do it. Bob’s BMW carries a selection of BMW motorcycle suspension components that are second to none. Get started right here, now!

Sport bikers want a taught suspension for the most precise handling. GS riders may seek a suspension with long travel to handle the unexpected terrain of an off-road adventure. Touring riders need a suspension that can handle heavy loads yet remain comfortable all day long. Bob’s proudly offers the brands that best serve riders of ALL these styles and more. Öhlins of Sweden rightfully claims dominance in advanced design for motorsports suspension. Progressive Suspension has been building popular& reliable motorcycle suspension parts for decades. IKON of Australia has picked up where KONI left off, supplying high-quality replacement and upgrade shocks to owners of classic bikes. And BMW: because it’s never a bad idea to stick with original BMW motorcycle suspension components to restore that “like-new” feel. (Find these in the Microfiche section.)

When making important decisions about your motorcycle suspension, you can have confidence knowing that Bob’s BMW is the nation’s most trusted source for BMW motorcycle parts and accessories, both OEM and aftermarket. So take advantage of the expertise and customer care you’ll receive from the staff at Bob’s. Contact us today for all your suspension needs.

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