R - Series

No matter which R-Series motorcycles you ride — Airheads, Oilheads, Hexheads, Water-boxers — you can be assured that the regular care and maintenance you give them will pay you back in added pleasure and confidence each time you ride. Many BMW owners enjoy working on their own bikes, so at Bob’s, we’re constantly developing ways to make it easier for you to acquire the parts and supplies you need to keep your bike in top running order. Check out the Maintenance section for Service Kits to simplify your work. Need to make a repair or buy replacement parts? How about a new electronic device or performance boost to make your ride even more exciting? Find it all here! Experienced riding enthusiasts and beginners alike will discover a world of potential browsing through our amazing selection of OEM and after-market BMW R-Series bike parts and accessories.

Bob’s has been one of the leading BMW dealerships in North America since 1981. We cut our teeth on R bikes! Explore our BMW R-Series bike parts collection now to see how far YOU can go. And when you want more information about anything you see on these pages, contact a member of our team right away!

If you ride any R-Series bike, even one of the latest models equipped with every advanced technical innovation, you’re riding a direct descendant of the first motorcycle BMW ever made. Yes, the two-cylinder, horizontally opposed motor that Max Friz designed for the R32 in 1923 lives on in the DNA of your machine. At the heart of all BMW R-Series motorcycles is the “boxer twin” motor which earned iconic status from the moment it was born, then evolved in very exciting ways into the 21st century, and continues to inspire dedicated fans the world over. Whatever you may need to enhance, revive, maintain, or reinvent your ultimate R-bike experience, you can find it starting here. Simply select your model and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose our MICROFICHE parts diagrams to browse BMW R-Series bike parts, or shop by category in the MARKETPLACE for accessories, service items, bike protection, performance add-ons, gadgets, and much more — all filtered for your model or type.