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For every passionate interest or hobby, there exists a parallel universe of Lifestyle Merchandise. Is there an ardent sports fan who doesn’t own something emblazoned with his favorite team’s logo? What “Star Wars” freak doesn’t have a Darth Vader costume or a Yoda figurine somewhere in the house gathering dust? Are BMW enthusiasts that much different? Not really. We know you get giddy over rare and random objects that display BMW culture and heritage, t-shirts bearing images or slogans that capture the BMW biker zeitgeist, and of course, almost any hat, keychain, book, bottle, or belt buckle with a BMW logo on it! Go ahead and wallow in the guilty pleasure. WE do! Yes, Bob’s BMW may be one of the most “serious” BMW dealerships in North America, but when it comes to BMW clothing, logo wear, and Beemer memorabilia, we get as giddy as anyone. We hope the wide variety of gift-worthy artifacts and apparel offered here will prove it. Please browse our BMW lifestyle products. We DARE you to come away empty handed.

Not all motorcycle apparel is made for riding. A lot of it: the t-shirts, polo shirts, button-downs, sweatshirts, casual jackets, fashion blouses, and so on, is made to CELEBRATE our riding culture. Most of it is branded BMW clothing, of course, but not all. You’ll also find Klim, Rev’it!, and others. Almost anything can be a gift if you give it to someone. But a Gift (with a capital ‘G’) is different. That’s when an item’s functional purpose is subordinate to the giver’s intent. No one NEEDS another coffee mug, for example. But slap something about BMW motorcycles on there and voila: it’s a Gift — and perfect for the Beemer Biker in your life. Here you’ll find an amazing variety of BMW Gifts guaranteed to make both giver and receiver happy, and sorted by price for your convenience. Ready… Set… Go SHOPPING!

Books, posters, scale models, hats, ties, wrist watches… the list goes on. This is our, ahem, “Adult Toys” section and there’s something for everyone. Inventory changes frequently, so check back often to find the special BMW clothing, BMW gifts, or BMW lifestyle accessories you’ve been hunting for. Don’t be shy. If you want more information, our friendly staff is on call.

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