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If you’re someone who has trouble making shopping decisions, be glad you’re a BMW rider and not the owner of, say, a brand of motorcycle we’ll refer to by its initials: H.D. (Where are we going with this, you ask? Stick with us.) You see, H.D. licenses their logo to hundreds of producers of all types of merchandise and, just considering clothing alone, thousands of products are available bearing their trademark. BMW, on the other hand, keeps pretty tight control of their logo (some might say “with an Iron Fist!”) and thus, if you want to buy BMW Logo Apparel — casual clothing with a roundel or BMW Motorrad logotype branding on it, the number of choices is much smaller. Here on the Bob’s BMW website for instance, you might only have to browse through a mere FIFTY items, give or take, to arrive at a selection. Now do you see how we’ve made your life so much EASIER? Seriously, though, all the BMW logo apparel shown here is top-quality casual clothing, and we’re sure you’ll be as happy to wear it as we are to offer it. So, add “Good-Taste-Logo-Headquarters” to your list of good reasons to shop at Bob’s BMW!

The BMW roundel has a captivating appeal. Staring at it long enough can induce an almost hypnotic trance. (Look AWAY before it’s too late!) But we love our “Blau mit Weiss” — what the letters stand for according to an old joke — so putting on a hat, polo shirt, belt, or light jacket emblazoned with the familiar roundel makes us feel good. Shopping for someone else? BMW Motorrad logo gifts, unlike so many gifts which end up unused in the bottom drawer, are always well received. The BMW enthusiast who gets a gift of one of these logo items will wear it often and proudly. We promise.

Shopping online for clothes, for all its convenience, does have a small drawback: you can’t try it on. Fear not. The friendly staff at Bob’s BMW is experienced in helping folks to find the right size — even on the phone. If you have questions about size or anything else, please reach out. We’re here to help!

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