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So, you need a new muffler. Has the search left you exhausted, baffled by all the choices, fed up with the hot air, or fuming at the prices? (Sorry, this topic offers too many good puns to resist!) Well, it’s no joke when you’re facing the challenge of upgrading the pipes on a newer bike or restoring the exhaust system on an older model, because it’s true — BMW motorcycle exhaust parts and their aftermarket alternatives can get pretty expensive. But few other components are so critical to your bike’s performance while ALSO playing such an important role in your aesthetic experience, both visually and acoustically. Damn right we care about how well our bikes run. But most of us care just as much about how they look and sound too! So it can get complicated. Luckily, Bob’s BMW can help you cut through the noise.

Whether you need a complete system upgrade or only selected BMW motorcycle exhaust pieces to repair or restore your exhaust to its former glory, we’ve got you covered. For all OEM replacement parts, go to the Microfiche section for your model, click the Exhaust category and you’ll find it all. For aftermarket options, high-performance alternatives, and reproduction replacement exhausts, begin browsing right here. Our selection of BMW motorcycle exhaust parts features top-of-the-line Akrapovic and Remus slip-on mufflers and full systems for most modern BMWs. And for legacy models — Airheads from 1970-’95 and Vintage models from the 1950s and 60s, we proudly offer Keihan Stainless Steel Systems, made in Great Britain.

The Keihan muffler and header sets in our BMW motorcycle exhaust pieces collection, crafted in stainless steel for a lifetime of rust-free pride, are the world’s finest replicas of classic bikes. Buy whole systems or individual parts to mix and match with stock parts. Meanwhile, owners of more current models looking for BMW motorcycle exhaust parts will enjoy lighter weight, better sound, and higher performance with a European-made Remus or Akrapovic package, where components made of carbon fiber or titanium create an ideal look, sound, and performance to suit your desires.

While you’re here, don’t forget to pick up the tools and shop supplies you need to do the job right. Got questions? Contact Bob’s today to get knowledgeable answers and the personalized care you deserve.

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