BMW Motorcycle Footpegs

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A motorcyclist’s feet are never just along for the ride, they’ve got critical tasks to perform! With all the work of braking, shifting, balance, and control, your feet are constantly busy. That’s why your footpegs must provide the support and functionality needed for a safe and comfortable ride. Not everyone’s feet and legs are built the same and not everyone rides the same way. So why expect the one-size-fits-all foot position of your stock bike to work for everyone? At Bob’s we offer many options of BMW motorcycle footpegs for riders of all models to get the comfort and control they want.

Maybe you’re an adventure rider who wants better grip and flexibility for off-road riding. Maybe you’re a touring rider who wants more leg position options for the long hours on the open road. Perhaps you’re a sport rider who needs to move your feet rearward for a more aggressive riding position. Or maybe you’re simply taller than average and need lower pegs so your legs aren’t cramped. We have all these solutions and more, including ways to modify the position of brake pedals and shifters. Shop our wide array of ergonomic products to find the ideal BMW motorcycle footpegs for YOUR body and the way YOU ride.

With the excellent products from such premium brands as Rizoma, Ilium Works, Pivot Pegz, Verholen, Suburban Machinery, in addition to our own Bob’s brand products, there is no doubt we can outfit your BMW motorcycle footpegs to make your ride more pleasurable. Browse our great selection now, and please contact us if you need any further assistance.

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