BMW Motorcycle Windshields

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Do you feel the wind in your face? That’s the feeling of freedom! It’s Joy! It’s a big part of why we ride! Except that, after a while, that wind can really wear you down. You get tired of fighting it. Then there are the bugs, the little stones and other debris, maybe a little rain, and … now your smile is not as big as before. When freedom and joy give way to fatigue and frustration, it’s not only the fun that fades. Your ability to concentrate wanes as well, which compromises safety. There’s a reason motorcycle windshields exist — comfort, safety, and to help keep the joy in the ride. Your bike may already have a windshield, but is it the right one for YOU? Personal fit is the key: Ergonomics! At Bob’s you’ll find a shield for every style, every size, and every purpose. Explore our extensive selection of BMW motorcycle windshields to find the perfect fit for the perfect ride.

In the past, there were two kinds of motorcycle windshields: sporty little ones that looked cool but did little to help the rider, and big ones that offered protection but with cringe-worthy consequences to the bike’s appearance. Thankfully, today’s windshields are different. Motorcycle product designers now employ the science of aerodynamics to give us windscreens that are compact, aesthetically pleasing, AND actually enhance the ride with smoother, quieter air flow and real protection.

Look for the brand name ZTechnik. They create a remarkable range of premium BMW motorcycle windshields made from Lexan® FMR polycarbonate for superior impact strength and crack resistance, and are held to the highest optical standards too. Why do we endorse Ztechnik so enthusiastically? Because the company is actually an OEM supplier for BMW. That means you’re assured unparalleled fit and function!

For sport, touring, street, or adventure, in a variety of sizes and tints, our BMW motorcycle windshields offer something to suit every rider. Search here today to find the one that’s right for you. Bob’s BMW is one of the largest and most respected BMW dealerships in North America and our commitment is to help fellow riders achieve The Ultimate Motorcycling Experience. If you have any questions, contact a member of our team today for personalized assistance.

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