Bar Backs for R1200ST 2004-2006

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Product Code: 4901-901425

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For riders who prefer a more upright riding posture, Bar Backs are the easy solution to achieving a comfortable ride. This precision handlebar setback set is made in Germany by MV Motorrad-Technik (Verholen).

This handlebar adapter kit raises your bars an easy 1.4 inches higher and 2.5 inches closer to the rider.

With this conversion, the original handlebar will be mounted above the fork bridge. This is possible only in conjunction with the kit's anti-rotating safety devices. A longer hydraulic brake line, which is required for this installation, is included in the kit.

NOTE: For your safety, please do not attempt to relocate your handlebar without this adapter kit. Without it, the handlebars could slip under heavy braking causing loss of control of the motorcycle.

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